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Complicated Translations
*  Complicated documents

We undertake to translate documents with nonstandard notary certifications, apostilles, cover letters and in other cases: when a notary public refuses to certify the translation, the authorized agency refuses to apply the apostille or the receiving party requirements are not standard.

In such cases you can file a request and we can offer you a possible solution.

*  Complex texts

The term "complex texts" refers to highly specialized texts for which no dictionaries in the public domain can be found and which require the knowledge of highly specialized vocabulary in various areas of activities: medicine, technology, oil and gas, legal etc. "Complex texts" also refer to semantically intricate texts which are often found in fiction. In such cases the help of a philologist may be indispensable.

Please, request a quote for your project.

*  Undertime

Our company has streamlined the process of building translator teams to support high volume projects requiring the turnaround sufficiently higher than 7 pages a day. In such circumstances the project is assigned to several translators with the translation edited by a proofreader who docks the fragments to ensure consistency of terminology, vocabulary and meaning. In other words, the final translation should look as if made by a single translator. This is not so easy to do. We pride ourselves on a high rate of success on accomplishing English projects as well as German and French projects. Our well-tuned technology can be applied to the projects in less common languages.

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