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The Agul language
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The Agul language

Written Professional Translations

The Agul-Russian translation rate is 19.60 USD per standard page (translate from the Agul language);

The Russian-Agul translation rate is 22.00 USD per standard page (translate to the Agul language);

For more detail see Written Translations.

Translate from Agul or to Agul Translation Quote.

Notarization of the translator's signature on written Agul translations. Notarization costs 28.00 USD per document. Important!. If a document is to be apostiled, please, specify this in the order. Read more.

Translate from Agul or to Agul with notarization Order Quote. Information about the translation of personal documents.

Oral Translations

Consecutive interpretation in the Agul-Russian pair — 24.00 USD per hour (60 minutes);

Community interpretation in the Agul-Russian pair — 24.00 USD per hour (60 minutes);

For more detail see Oral Translations.

Translation Correction (Proofreading)

Correction (proofreading) by a Agul translator 14.00 USD per standard page;

Correction (proofreading) by a native Agul speaker 14.00 USD per standard page;

For more detail see Proofreading (Corrections of Texts).

Proofreading of the translation from/to Agul by a translator or native speaker Order Quote.

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