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The Kara-Kalpak language
Printable version

The Kara-Kalpak language

Written Professional Translations

The Kara-Kalpak-Russian translation rate is 19.00 USD per standard page (translate from the Kara-Kalpak language);

The Russian-Kara-Kalpak translation rate is 22.40 USD per standard page (translate to the Kara-Kalpak language);

For more detail see Written Translations.

Translate from Kara-Kalpak or to Kara-Kalpak Translation Quote.

Notarization of the translator's signature on written Kara-Kalpak translations. Notarization costs 38.00 USD per document. Important!. If a document is to be apostiled, please, specify this in the order. Read more.

Translate from Kara-Kalpak or to Kara-Kalpak with notarization Order Quote. Information about the translation of personal documents.

Translation Correction (Proofreading)

Correction (proofreading) by a Kara-Kalpak translator 16.40 USD per standard page;

Correction (proofreading) by a native Kara-Kalpak speaker 24.00 USD per standard page;

For more detail see Proofreading (Corrections of Texts).

Proofreading of the translation from/to Kara-Kalpak by a translator or native speaker Order Quote.

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