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Methods of payment
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We accept payment in US dollars from any country of the world.

*  "PayPal"

*  "PaYoneer"

Please, contact us for paying by PaYoneer.

*  "Western Union"

The simplest and fastest method of payment is through the Western Union system.

*  "QIWI"

A QIWI purse can be replenished from one of over 169 thousand QIWI terminals. The map and list of QIWI terminals.

Cash-box: +7-913-780-9000 or  

*  "Yandex-money"

Cash-box: 410011028990040 or  

Following the execution of payment it is necessary to inform us of the sum and date of payment (approximate time is desirable too) and the orders (numbers) for which the payment was made.

If you execute payment through a terminal or automatic teller machine, please, take notice of the commission. The payment will arrive to us after deduction of the commission.

*  "Wire transfer"

To execute a wire transfer it is necessary to obtain a preform-invoice or contract. Please, send us a request. Contacts.

*  Cash payment (in Novosibirsk, Russia)

Payments by cash can be made in any office of our company in Novosibirsk. Contacts.
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