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Recent News

December 28, 2015  Work Schedule for the New Year Holiday

Dear Clients! We wish you a happy New Year!

For the New Year period the company sets the work schedule as follows:

Offices work:

30 December 2015
Central office – until 07:00 p.m.; Left-riverside office – until 07:00 p.m.; Zayeltsovsky office will not work;

31 December 2015
Central office – until 06:00 p.m.; Left-riverside office – until 05:00 p.m.; Zayeltsovsky office will not work;

4 and 8 January 2016 – Central office works from 03:00 p.m. to 07:00 p.m.;

From 11 January 2016 – according to standard schedule.

Every day registered the orders on the website by the clients will be accepted.

Phones Enquiry Service: +7-(383) 328-30-50, 328-30-70 and 292-92-15.

E-mail and office address: Contacts

The payments can be made:
1) By cash in the Company’s offices – during work hours;
2) By wire transfer no payments can be made since the Central Bank will not work;
3) Electronic payments – at evening time, every day.

Have a good time for recreation and excellent weather during the holiday!


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