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Wish to order? Possible ways
The methods of ordering are listed below in the order of preference for the clients.

1. Ordering by email

The simplest method. But email messages sometimes are not delivered, are lost or deleted by accident together with spam. So, please, contact us by phone to make sure that your email has been received.

You can start ordering by sending a message at the following address. Please use this address to file complaints regarding the work.

When sending the first message with the order, in addition to the source text, please, indicate:
  • The language of the source text and the target language
  • Telephone with the city code, emails, Skype-names and ICQ for prompt communication
  • The deadlines. The price depends on the timing
  • Other requirements and requests
  • Requirements to the execution of completed translations
    And don't forget to send the source text, better by a separate mail.

    2. Ordering on-line

    The fastest and safest way. Easy to implement. You only should follow the prompts.

    Register in our database and place your order in the system.

    Your order is automatically received by the server twenty four hours a day seven days a week. After placement the order filled out in full is immediately directed for evaluation.

    Registration on the server does not commit you in any way and is needed only to create your account and input your data in the database for online automated access by our employees.

    Access to your data will be provided exclusively to the manager supervising your orders.

    3. Visit our office

    A reliable and fast way. You can come to our offices in downtown Novosibirsk or Academgorodok and place the order. Read more.

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