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Document safekeeping
For Client's documents safekeeping each office is equipped with a class 60B fireproof safe (according to GOST 50862-96).

Each safe is located in physically guarded premises equipped with a volumetric alarm system against unauthorized entry and with alarm buttons.

*  The Central Office is physically guarded on a 24-hour basis. It is equipped with a fire and unauthorized entry alarm system, a remote door lock and video surveillance cameras with the recording feature. Breaking in through the window is hampered by the 3d floor, triple-glazed plastic windows and the external video surveillance system.

*   The Academic Office is physically guarded on a 24-hour basis and is located in the near proximity to the entrance. The office has the fire and unauthorized entry alarm systems. Breaking in through the window is hampered by a metal grille and triple-glazed plastic window.

Document pick-up guidelines are presented below.

1.  Documents of individuals and legal entities can be picked up only by the person who has submitted them. At the pickup such person is required to give a full list of the documents, their titles and key personal parameters (such as surname, name and patronymic for the passport).

2.  The documents can be picked up by a person representing the person who submitted them. In this case the person submitting the documents is to fill out in person an application in writing authorizing a representative to pick up the documents, specifying the full name (surname, name, patronymic) of the representative. The representative is to produce a RF passport or other ID papers.

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