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Simultaneous Translations
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If you are planning to visit Novosibirsk or the Novosibirsk region, you can book simultaneous interpreting services.

You can order

  • Interpreting at top level negotiations
  • Conference interpreting
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Interpreting of audio and video materials (movie translation)

    Pricelist. The prices are in selected currency per hour (60 minutes). Asterisks are used to specify the accessibility of the language service.

    Minimum booking is two hours (120 min) during one interpreting session.

    Any additional time will be charged in 1 hour increments.

    If the speech contains specialized vocabulary the interpreter has to be provided with relevant materials prior to work - partner's website, glossary or at least the topics to be discussed. Otherwise you'll be provided with the services of a universal interpreter who lacks knowledge of specialized vocabulary of your partner.

    Simultaneous interpreting services are not provided for rare languages since the linguists working with such languages cannot practice them regularly.

    At the discretion of managers and interpreters two or more interpreters may provide interpreting services taking turns from time to time.

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    How to order

    Please, push Ctrl+F to find the language you need or load the languages' list without groups.

      An accessible language   synchronous
     ***** English   44.00
     **** French   50.00
     **** German   60.00
     *** Italian   50.00
    Main Eastern     
     **** Chinese   44.00
     ** Hebrew   60.00
     * Korean   44.00

    We offer services in 7 languages

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    How to order

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