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Software Localizations
E-Trans has accumulated a vast experience in software localization- adaptation of software for the culture of the countries speaking different languages. This service is necessary for:

*  Software developers.

*  Clients purchasing software for own use.

*  Companies promoting software on a local market (not necessarily Russian-speaking).

We provide localization services for software running on different platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, FreeBSD, Android, Windows Phone and others.

Localization services are often required for:

*  Software interface — the means of communication between the software and the user.

*  Reference information and other software messages.

*  Software technical and user documentation.

*  Accompanying advertising materials and various identification elements, for example, graphical elements realized in the software.

Software localization projects differ depending on the activities.

*  The simplest project involves the translation of all terms and software messages listed in the submitted text file.

*  A more complicated project involves the compilation of such a list by our company.

*  An even more complicated project includes the embedding of translation into the software code.

*  The most complicated and complete project is the full adaptation of the software complex for the local market.

The projects of localization in Russian and foreign languages pursue different objectsive. We have the capabilities to consider and execute the localization solutions not only into Russian, but also into foreign languages.

The E-Trans community includes experts on other cultures, countries and mentalities. With their assistance our company can adequately adapt advertising materials in a target language, including translation rendering all language features. Such advertising materials include names, menu items, slogans, advertisements and other materials.

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